IntelliSmart's mission is to maximize business performance by providing learning and performance support solutions that connect corporate strategy and individuals. IntelliSmart solutions are designed to support all levels of the organization and can easily be adapted to meet strategic business initiatives, on demand information needs and individual job roles.


We are not the biggest, so we at least try to be the smartest. It puts us in a good position to know that no two markets are identical. And that listening to the particular needs of our clients, and adapting to the differing constraints and opportunities of each project we undertake for them is crucial. Which is why IntelliSmart is uniquely organized to be as flexible and reactive as possible in software development and ERP implementation.



We keep our solutions and services smart by applying them intelligently and pertinently. They are always very precisely adapted to a precise need or market. They are always deployed rapidly and are immediately exploitable. They are always aimed, above all, at client satisfaction long-term. IntelliSmart solutions are innovative, because they always offer a unique advantage to our clients.

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