Engaging learning experiences are the foundation of a great education. IntelliSmart can help faculty, teachers, staff, and students maximize their resources for optimal educational impact. Deliver information to the edge by transforming and extending processes to provide a richer, more productive, and trusted experience.





Our e-learning solutions allow you to take training to the next level. At IntelliSmart Softech we develop customized e-learning solutions for Online and Offline deployment. Our courses utilize a wide range of presentation tools including digital imagery, video and voice over talent to bring life to your material.

We utilize simulations, tutorials, quiz, slideshows, and other activities to help illustrate and reinforce the concepts you are trying to communicate to your students while keeping them completely engaged. Our courses implement screens to support multiple learning styles including kinesthetic, visual, and auditory learning.

We have tremendous experience with over 2,25,000 hours of training delivered. Our clients varies from government institutions, accounting firms, Chartered Accountants associations, manufacturing industries, etc.

Flexible Delivery: Over the Internet, Intranet, CD-ROM or DVD through web browser. No plugins required. Video and audio bandwidth can be tailored to specific audiences (i.e. modem, broadband).

SCORM Compliant: Our e-Learning solution meets the world standard SCORM. Truly compatible, truly world class and third party compatibility. Can you demand more !!

Online Assessments: Deliver online exams, quizzes to users. Get comprehensive reporting like difficult areas, questions analysis. Detailed objective reports for an individual or group.

Interactive Lessons: Deliver interactive lessons to engage user positively. Include multimedia like video, audio. A complete end to end solution for your organization.

Understand What Users Expect: Allow users to assign ratings to lessons and understand are we able to deliver them the expected. Communicate with users with blogs.

Comprehensive Reporting: IntelliSmart LMS provides you hundreds of types of reports to scan every area of your e-Learning. Create administrators or sub-administrators with specific permissions.

Digital Data Investigation & Forensics

We specialize in Digital Data Investigation & Forensics and Data Recovery. When organizations need to determine the who, what, when, where, and how of computer-related conduct –– they turn to IntelliSmart. IntelliSmart Softech Pvt. Ltd. can help them uncover key pieces of digital evidence … even if someone else has tried to hide, tamper, or destroy it.

Ignite Database Performance Monitoring Tools
Confio is the leading innovator of software designed for expert DBAs and SQL application developers.

Ignite™ Web Client
The Ignite Web Client gives access to the wait time analysis of the Confio Igniter Suite from a web browser, eliminating the need for an installed Oracle client on the user’s desktop. Using a newly designed interface, the Web Client makes Ignite performance results accessible to more users from more locations, and eliminates the need to pre-configure a client prior to benefiting from Ignite.

Ignite™ for DB2
Ignite for DB2 improves how enterprises monitor, analyze and optimize their DB2 databases and applications. Designed for database administrators (DBAs) responsible for business critical systems and solutions, Confio’s new product gives DBAs a method of bringing best-practice performance management to their DB2 systems. Ignite for DB2 has incorporated monitoring for DB2 Version 9 for Linux, Unix and Windows

Ignite™ for SQL Server
Ignite for SQL Server allows DBAs to leverage Wait-Time analysis, a best-practice method widely used for optimizing Oracle database performance, for environments that include SQL Server as well. Ignite for SQL Server provides a common repository for capturing both types of data, a single desktop client for reporting, and monitors any application that is dependent on SQL or Oracle.

Ignite™ for Oracle
Ignite for Oracle is Confio’s Wait-Time based performance tool for improving IT system performance and service levels on Oracle databases. Ignite gives deep visibility to root causes of performance bottlenecks, allowing DBAs to find the problem and resolve it more efficiently than with traditional system management tools.









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